Just want to knit something..

It’s December.  Cold, dark and knitting on the sofa time.  Don’t need another jumper and socks are a faff to do…..   so what???

Well I love this sort of thing: www.ravelry.com/projects/puikkomaisteri/muhu-socks

And – wow!!!!


…should keep me busy for a while….

….and I love animals….


So magpying wonderfulness from other nifty creatives on pinterest    ….and an order of cheap acrylic yarn….

Lets see………..xxxxx

Mexican Jumper Episode 2

It would have been easy to pick up around the neck and do it all the same but – thought I’d do two different colours so one side first….

How I did that curve at the bottom I don’t know – knitted a few together then cheated.

Then – lets have pink!


And a few buttons on the front (the most fun ever)…


That’s Nige btw – the ‘one man’ of ‘and a cat’ fame who does my website.

It’s my zingiest jumper and I love it. x

Mexican Jumper!!

OK!  Lets have a jumper with vertical stripes – they make you look slim (??)…

Knitted a Mexican scarf (massive fun) and stitched it back to itself to make a tube.  Nice to choose which stripes I want on the front/back.

I need to cut arm holes out so how???

Found nothing on t’internet so experimented.  Stitched an area and unravelled the wool on one side of it – it remained stretchy and secure – good!  Marked arm holes with yellow stitches.

Picked up stitches along the front and knitted up to shoulders.

Likewise the back….

Then the securing of the armholes……

Then just unravelled, knotted ends together and sewed the ends in!

Did I remember to take a photo?  No.


More vibrant?

I’ve always admired Mexican blankets – they are so magical.  How is it they work so well?

Dark to light, black, a colour, black, light to dark…. OK.  Got a sort of formula….  Can it work as knitting?

Let’s see………

This was more fun to knit….

The thing I liked most about the last cardie was blue and purple together – so let’s have more of that.  Not just colours but textures all crammed together.

After some charity shop scavenging I had a pile of oddballs and decided to start with green then greeny blue, blue, bluey purple etc etc….

This time did v.neck (cast off one every four rows).

Looks better here than on me (bulky around shoulders and sleeves too short) but I still wear it on cold days.

Another excuse to go mad with buttons…

Unravel at Farnham

First ever knitting show and was a delight! Farnham itself is lovely and (we arrived too early) after a sip of hot choc outside a cafe – in we went.

All things knitting and weaving…   Two more photos (love the colours)…


The Tail of Percy the Penguin

We yarnbomb our bollards in Romsey. facebook.com/BBCSouthNews/videos/romsey-festival-celebrated-with-yarn-bomb

The library knitters teamed up to knit….. Percy!

Frankenstein’s penguin (work in progress) below:

Deanna did the tricky stuff – wings, feet and beak (pink)??

We stuffed him for his photoshoot (toilet rolls)…

And after a month of being hugged by local children – to the spa!

Not forgetting The Romsey Purljammers with their alpaca…

Try again…….. Cardie this time.

And the cardie in question is Old King Cole..

Love double knitting as it knits up quick.  Ignored pattern and did fun stripes…..


Looks better on Emily than me.

Buttons included Freddo the Frog (or Kermit)  and Lisa Simpson…

..and I do actually wear this so – about time!