And This Happened…

Well I knitted the sleeves….

..Val knitted the front and back –  dadaaaaa!

..and did a bit of fancy embroidery at the bottom the the ‘v’…. and then…..

Shrunk it it in the washing machine – great. Good job model Emily is slim.

Trying to think happier thoughts so here’s three of the Romsey Library knitting group (chocolate biscuits at 3pm).




Exciting but what jumper??????

Well – started looking around at patterns.   Oh dear – bit dull…..

Eventually on Pinterest – something a bit better:


So…   let’s have stripes.  Into local knitting shop…

King Cole double knitting (busom-hiding thickness) in rather nice colours.  Asked for tiny sample of each (one inch) – knitting shop said ‘no’. Oh dear.

Ordered online – much cheaper and loads more colours.  Bog standard v-neck jumper pattern with rib welt (internet feebie full of errors).

Oh joy – my wool has arrived!!!!


Was uninspired……  even though it was Roger Moore…..

It’s cold in the winter and I needed a jumper but most jumpers are so boring!!!  John Lewises, Marks etc etc – fine lambswool all one colour (navy. gray, yawn) and they need to be (arghhhh) ironed and you’d have to wear a bra (not bloody likely)!!!


Here’s a jumper from years ago – wore it till it fell to peices..

So I could knit one but PROBLEM  – I hate knitting – that’s tedious as well.

Then one fine day I met Val in Chilbolton who likes knitting and offered to knit one for me – RESULT!!!

S’gonna happen!!